Reader of Month: “The Life of Twin”

Hello everyone! 

Here I present to you the second installation of Reader of the Month. This month, an author going as Lou, wrote about her thoughts on being a twin. A great writer I already knew Lou was, will blow you away with her utterly relatable dissection of common misconceptions, and outlooks of living life with another half. Comment down below to support Lou and her wonderfully written piece!

~The Legally Brunette

Being a twin is quite a confusing thing. It makes you unique, and at the same time, strips you of part of your individuality.You become a part of a set, seen like that from day one. It can sometimes be like a battle, where you want to find yourself, and have been given extra parameters. It influences your decisions, from haircuts (‘she cut her hair short, so now I can’t. We already look enough alike’) to clothing choice (‘I really love that shirt, but she’s already got it. Dressing the same is creepy!’) and so much more.

You can sometimes feel as if you need to be alike, because hey, you’ve got an identical twin sister, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? And you can simultaneously feel like you can’t have anything in common, because over 99% of your DNA seems like enough already.

The most interesting thing however is that no matter how different you can become, people will still get your name wrong, still think you’re the same person. No matter if her hair is ten inches shorter than yours, her glasses different frames, her pants jeans and yours cargo, her colors black and grey and yours obnoxious shades of blue, nothing can stop the outside world from seeing you as a unit, and then getting the components of that unit confused with one another.

Despite suffering through awkward encounters with people who believe you to be someone else, or who didn’t think you existed, because they saw ‘the other you’ first, being a twin is, well, awesome. Nothing is more hilarious than the look on someone’s face when you show up in the same room as your other half, and they say something along the lines of “Oh my God, what?? YOU’RE A TWIN??”, or when you get to tell that person who thinks you aren’t who you are, that in fact you do know the person they seek, and quite well actually.

There’s also the fabled aspect of the ‘built in best friend’ which holds true when push comes to shove. No matter how different you make yourselves, there are some things you won’t be able to change. Like how you share so many memories, or how you enjoy the same cartoons, or the same books, thanks to growing in such close proximity. If you happen to live in a smaller house, than like with most siblings, every night’s a slumber party, except this one started at day one (or you could say even earlier).

And let’s not forget the creepy stuff that’s so alike too. Like your sneezes, or you laughs, which not even your closest friends can distinguish without seeing the face that goes with them. Or that bad habit you both have of bouncing your knees while sitting still, or the fact that both of you can wiggle your eyebrows separately, or how your glasses prescriptions are identical, and you dental records are mirror images of each other. It’s a creepy thing, having a twin. A creepy, odd, awesome, unlikely thing.

About the Author:
Lou is a classmate of the Legally Brunette, and a friend. She enjoys reading, creative writing, drawing and tap dancing. Her twin’s name is Genevieve, in case you were wondering. You can find Lou on Wattpad at the account HiddenBookGirl.


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