Travel Log: European Adventures!

Hello, hello, hello, everyone!

        I hope you all had wonderful holidays and very happy new year! Well, I’ve decided to start off the year with nothing really special. That’s right! You heard from the one and only Legally Brunette, 2017 is starting off with a nothing-really-special blog post. A few months ago, right around the beginning of September on my Note to Self: Back to School post, I promised you that I would eventually post about my vague European travels over the summer. Well, that eventually is turning into right about now! Yes, over the summer, I visited Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris. I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful all three cities were. They had so much history, and defining characteristics, none followed the standard definition of “beauty.”My vacation was certainly one that falls under the “trip of a lifetime category.”

        I feel so lucky that I was able to have this experience. Travel and exploration of the world is privilege. One that, unfortunately, is often taken for granted. I think that sometimes we trap ourselves in a bubble. Within our homes, cities or countries, even. Whether those bubbles be filled with the same religious beliefs, political beliefs, race or gender, we thrive off  of our natural cliquish Neanderthal instincts.

        I live in house, with a roof over my head, food on my kitchen table, fresh water running from my tap, and heat blowing from my radiators. My basic needs are filled. I am fortunate enough, not only to have those basic needs filled, but to be able to explore, and learn and grow through travel. Traveling the world, and gaining new perspectives is vital. In the United States, those impoverished are hidden the shadows to ensure that kids and families like mine can maintain peace within our bubbles. So we don’t think outside of our bubbles. So we don’t understand outside of our bubbles. In the U.S.and many other developed parts of the world, it’s utterly inconceivable that a girl wouldn’t be educated because of her gender. But for the rest of the world? The rest of the 60 million uneducated girls? It isn’t inconceivable, it’s just a fact.

        Poverty is something I admittedly have been very blind to. I only saw three cities while I was there, but just those three cities alone revealed the throbbing crisis of poverty, just itching to be noticed.  In Europe, several times, I saw a mother sprawled out on a blanket, holding her child, feeding them the scraps of food they had collected over night behind a dumpster.You don’t need to travel across an ocean to find new perspectives. Walk around your neighborhood, your town, your country! You can’t buy perspectives. They come into your life for a reason. Just trust that they will be found when they’re meant to be found. Again, I can’t even begin to tell you how lucky I was to be able to explore Europe for the first time, and I can’t wait to travel again! Below are a few (Who are we kidding? There are like 70+!) photographs from my trip. Be sure to comment below telling about some of your past and/or prospective future travels, what you think of this blog post, and what actions you’ll take to gain new perspectives from all around the world. Keep on traveling, and keep on popping the bubble!


A quick pit stop for lunch after a 6-hour plane ride and a 4-hour nap in the hotel lobby. Hey! Hanger is nothing to joke about!


There are actually more bikes than people in Amsterdam, so as we were touring around, we saw these massive buildings called ‘Bike Garages,’which are pretty self-explanatory: Garages that store thousands of bicycles every single day. 


Some say it’s a sign pointing to pancakes. I say, “Pancakes, Heaven. Same difference!”


Yes. This is indeed a floating Chinese restaurant.


As I noticed an overwhelming amount of clog shaped key chains, wallets, etc., I thought the indulgence was appropriate! (They’re clog shaped slippers- who could pass these gems up?!)


A relaxing bike ride through the countryside of Holland made for a perfect afternoon. Oh! Did I introduce you to my new friends? Everyone, meet my sassy cow companions: Mooove Out of My Way and Udderly Gorgeous.


The Vincent van Gogh Museum!
No caption needed. 


An impulsive decision to hop off our bus turned into a amazing adventure at the Atomium! Each of the nine spheres represents a different district of Brussels. Later that day we headed over to a small amusement park entitled, Mini-Europe. They replicated hundreds of major monuments throughout Europe in its miniature form. At the Buckingham Palace, they even added a mini-Brexit protest. And to think, you thought baby pandas sneezing were adorable!


Best. Waffle. EVER.



A perfect overpriced meal to start off our journey in Paris!


J’adore les croissants!


Au revoir, Paris. A bientot!

~The Legally Brunette


    1. thelegallybrunetteblog

      Thanks, Mom! It was great to have you as a member of the traveling trio and an honorary Waze- route-finder!
      ~The Legally Brunette


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