Reader of the Month: “The Effects of Moving”

Hello everyone! 

Welcome back! It’s been awhile, but I’ve been working very hard on some recent projects I’ve been preparing for the blog. This post today is a very special one- one in which I want to bring you (the readers) along the journey of writing, editing, and publishing a blog post. Since I started this blog way back in, what was it? March? I’ve been bringing up a lot of my own opinions about various topics facing our world today-yet as our world continues to grow and diversify, so do opinions. So, I thought, as my blog starts to grow and diversify, so should its content. When reading and receiving various comments, and gaining lots of positive feedback, many readers enjoyed talking about their perspectives and opinions on some of the topics I was posting about. I was originally planning on starting the “Reader of the Month” program in the New Year, but I just couldn’t wait! Every month I will be accepting a piece of writing or artwork from a reader who wants to submit, and publish it. It all got started one dark, bone-chilling night (melodramatic, I know, right?) down in my basement with a group of friends, and we just started talking. That was it. We just kept going on and on about different experiences we’ve had, how they’ve shaped our lives, and that was it. That dark, bone-chilling night sparked this very blog-post, one that I hope will inspire many of you to form opinions, and spread them to all who will listen! Okay, I really should stop blabbering on and get to the blog post. This month’s reader of the month is none other than one of those friends, going under the name, Echo. Echo, a new student in class with me this year, will be sharing her story entitled, “The Effects of Moving.” 

“The Effects of Moving”

By Echo

It is an honor to be able to be the first “Reader of the Month” for Legally Brunette Blog. When I was sorting through topic ideas, I came across one that I have personally experienced relatively recently. Just this year alone I have moved twice; the first time into a house only three minutes from my first home, the second time three hours away. Three houses in one and a half years.

I don’t know what I was expecting when I changed school districts, but it sure wasn’t what I actually got as an outcome. I suppose that part of it was that even though my mom had been planning to move my family for years it just hadn’t happened; the first house didn’t sell until the fourth try and when it finally did it was in the middle of the school year, so we just rented the second house that I briefly mentioned above. By the time we moved into the current house, I guess my brain hadn’t fully processed that it was actually happening. However, whether I was fully conscious of it or not, suddenly my older sister was moving out and I was changing states for the first time in my life.

One thing that had left me the most shocked was something that I had always shoved aside into the corners of my mind where I kept common fact. It was one of the things that didn’t need to be thought about because it had always been a constant: friendships. The thing is that while I do reasonably well at academics, and was capable to keep up in the change of education methods, but that’s only one part of being successful. Being able to write papers and remember formulas doesn’t help get over the fact that I feel like screaming when I have to introduce myself to strangers and seem incapable of holding normal conversation topics without coming off as overtly asocial. If you are someone who can keep your act together around people you haven’t met, then more power to you, but when you’ve mainly interacted with people who have been around you since you could only say single syllable words, I think you can understand how it could be a bit of an issue. At the very least I had known one person here before I moved, so I already had the minimum required amount of friends down. Even without that, it might not have been all bad, because sometimes nice people can tell when you are struggling. At the very least, moving gave me a fresh start, which brings me to my next point.

Even harder than making friends is keeping them. Do you have those people who you consider closer than acquaintances but not close enough that you know their number? Or just people you’ve only talked to a few times that you really want to get to know better? I’m not exactly the best when it comes to pretty much anything to do with real people, so most of the people I considered friends from my old school fell into the types of relationships I just mentioned. If I am close enough to them to get contact information, I panic for about an hour before getting the courage to text a simple “hi” first, and spend even more time considering if I somehow messed up by spelling two letters. But say you are better than me at initiating friendships. Let’s say you got to the point I was with your closest friends before moving. Me leaving gave my friends who had already wanted to leave me the perfect time to do so. Delete my number and say something along the lines of “stop trying to talk to me” and done. You have successfully gotten me to stop trying, and 98 percent more likely to not have the courage to try to contact any of the people I only semi-know. At this point I started to think that if best friends can drift apart so quickly surely everyone else must feel the same. The people I did stay close to could only see me once every few months at most because of the distance. Moving made me miss more people than I ever had even really thought of before.

Sorry if it seems I am dwelling on the negatives. Moving really was probably one of the best things to have happened for me. I didn’t have to act like the same person I had tried to be for eight years of my life. It helped me accept that things do change, and sometimes there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m out of my extremely small school and into one with a much higher success rate and hope for my future. I’ve met some truly amazing people, and despite the downsides I wouldn’t change it if I had a choice. In the end, changes won’t ruin your life, they just show you more sides of it.

Wow. What a powerful piece. I am more than impressed with how Echo captured every detail of that experience in such an eloquent and articulate way. I cannot thank her enough for being the first ever “Reader of the Month,” and I can’t wait to hear more of what I know you all are capable of. Don’t forget to comment on and like this post, and give Echo one more round of applause for the spectacular work she has done! See you next time on the Legally Brunette Blog!

~ The Legally Brunette

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  1. thelegallybrunetteblog

    Hi, Echo!
    That was an amazing piece! I, personally, have never moved before, but I’ve always wondered what it was like to do so. I thought how you ended the piece was so well done. I liked you you put into terms of how you have a choice when changes occur, either to let them ruin everything, or to see the positive side to them! That gave me so much perspective, and thank you for writing that.
    ~The Legally Brunette


    1. thelegallybrunetteblog

      Yay!! Thank you so much Halle!! I will contact you as soon as possible with information about your month’s piece.
      ~The Legally Brunette


    1. thelegallybrunetteblog

      Yay!! Thank you so much, Sunshine and Shortbread, for wanting to submit!! I will contact you as soon as I can about your month’s piece.
      ~The Legally Brunette


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