Marvelous Manicure or Flawless Fakes?

Hi everyone!

How has your week been? Easter Sunday 2016 is fresh off the holiday path, and an often recurring dilemma for people whether it be during the holidays or just any time of year is knowing whether to give your nails some extra TLC and go to the nail salon, or whether to apply fake nails. This weekend, for the first time ever, I… tried… FAKE NAILS!!! Yes, you heard me right folks, the Legally Brunette herself tried them. Let’s just say… my fake nails weren’t so flawless after all. I took a few pictures of me wearing fake nails, and me with painted nails. So what I am going to do is give you a list of pros and cons for both fake nails and manicures, because I don’t necessarily want to tell you which one is better, but I think perspective from both sides will help you when deciding this very painstaking decision.:)


All right, first off, I want to talk about FAKE NAILS!! (Insert: Dunh, dunh, duh….) Fake nails are a very commonly used beauty product that have always intimidated me! Honestly, when I saw people wearing them, I thought they looked kind of cheap. Well, I mean, they are fake for a reason. Anyway, I took the plunge this weekend (right in time for Easter) and tried them on. I used the KISS Gel Fantasy Nails which I bought at my local Walgreens. I have to admit, I felt kind of like a rock star. I went about my day doing the usual, doing a few cartwheels, watching reruns of Glee. Though, despite the normality of my day, I couldn’t help but notice that I was constantly looking at my nails! They were like a suction cup that kept drawing my eyes to them. Kind of like a screen that I was OBSESSED with. Later that day I went to the grocery store and two of them kept falling  off. Never mind my lack of thorough knowledge of the world of fake nails, but one thing I know for certain is that no one can pull off a look with eight fake nails and two missing. I couldn’t stand the fact not all perfectly primped nails were on all of my fingers, so I ended up taking them off. In retrospect, maybe I will decide to use the glue which actually keeps the fake nail on your real nail. Here’s a list I’ve made of the pros and cons of fake nails!


  1. They won’t chip! The biggest problem I have with manicures is that they always chip! When they chip, it almost gives you an unpolished look (haha, get it? “Unpolished”:)). 
  2. You get a whole lot more bang for your buck!: Nail polish these days are getting pretty expensive! Sometimes if I want to buy a collection of three or four polishes for spring, It can cost over $30! In the KISS Gel Fantasy Nails package, it included 24 fake nails, enough for two “manicures”, plus glue and adhesive tabs for application, all costing only $7.99! Save a pretty penny by using fake nails.
  3. No mess!: Sometimes people can be real sticklers about get nail polish on tables or surfaces. Other people (like me) HATE to find that you maybe, accidentally, possibly, got some polish splattered around their fingers and hands when they were painting. With fake nails, there’s no worry about messing up surfaces, rugs, or your hands!
  4. Takes no time at all!: Manicures take between 15 and 30 minutes, to go through the entire process of removing old polish, buffing, cleaning, clipping, painting, drying, and hardening. With fake nails, you can cut that valuable time in half, which you could be using to binge on all your favorite shows!
  5. Variety amped up!:With common nail designs, like a flower or polka-dots, you can get bored easily. There really is only so much you do without accidentally messing up your entire nail, but with fake nails, you get gorgeous and intricate designs without having to lift a finger!


  1. Forced to make accommodations: Unlike a regular manicure, you can’t exactly go back to your everyday lifestyle when you go fake. It’s harder to type (especially on screens!!), it’s harder to press buttons, it’s harder to write, lots of small particles get caught under your nails. For me, considering the substantial number of times per week I use glitter, the inside of my nails got very glittery:) Every normal everyday activity you do, it seems like your fake nails have to come along for the journey as well, always reminding you of their presence. UGH!!
  2. THEY ARE SHARP!!! Dancers, mimes and folks who talk with their hands a lot, beware! If accidentally scratching someone with your nails is a fear of yours, I’d stay away! The nails I bought had uneven edges which scratched me multiple times even when I was picking them up or pulling them out of their package! I have long-ish nails already, people claiming I scratch them and if they find out I have another means accidentally scratching them…it won’t be pretty.
  3. They are very distracting: Fake nails are very distracting. Whether you’re wearing them or looking at someone wearing them, you seemingly can’t take your eyes off them! It’s like a phone screen attached to each one of your nails!! Make sure when you’re talking to someone, you put your hands in your lap or sit on them so your not tempted to look at them, because from the person talking to you, it can look like you’re being rude, even if you really are listening to them!



And now, for the elegance and class you all have been ever so patiently waiting for… MANICURES!! In this picture, I am wearing the color Virgin Snow by Essie. I know, I know it looks a little sloppy in they picture, but I had do it very last minute so I could take the picture in time! Let me just tell you right off the bat, I’ve been a manicure kinda gal my entire life, so I may be  slightly  very partial to the classic look of a manicure. My aunt, a.k.a. my fashion, beauty and shopping adviser, slapped some pink nail polish on me the second my nails grew in. I have always loved how they look on anyone, because it really is the the key accessory that ties your entire outfit together. Whether I get my mani done at a salon, or done at home with an ever so wonderful spa day, I just feel so rejuvenated! You may not notice it, but when your finger nails and finger tips get cleansed you feel a MAJOR difference. Your nails and hands especially pick up so much dirt during the day from opening door handles, typing on keyboards, shaking hands, to digging through your pencil case and holding onto railings, your hands are magnets for dirt and germs! That’s why it feels so good to scrub any gunk from your hands, and take your outfit from great to fabulous with the ever so chic accessory of a manicure! So push your cuticles back, relax, and enjoy reading pros and cons of manicures!


  1. They look like you tried hard, when you actually did!: Give yourself a pat on the back and a little victory dance right now! All that hard work of buffing and painting and scrubbing all paid off, for the compliments you are handed left and right about you miraculous polishing job! Fake nails lack the effort portion of what a real manicure has! Plus, you can graciously accept the compliment and tell them you did it yourself!
  2. Variety of COLOR POP!: One of my most favorite things to do when I’m at a drugstore is to walk up and down the beauty aisle and look at the rainbow of nail polish! You get colors from vermilion to violet to sun drop to olive to cloud to macaroni and cheese! Fake nails may have the patterns, but you an never beat the best! Color gives you a wide range, and taps into your feelings and emotions rather than bold flashy patterns that scream, “HEY, LOOK AT ME!!” a little too loudly sometimes. 
  3. You can make an activity out of it!: Guys, I get you. More times than not, I have been put in a situation where your mom’s best friend from college older sister’s boyfriend’s dry cleaner’s daughter who’s your age comes to hang out. Usually the conversation goes something like this: “‘Hi!’ ‘Hi.’ ‘What do you want to do?’ ‘I don’t care. Whatever you want.’ ‘Well, I don’t care either!’ 3 hours later… ‘Honey, we have to go!!’ ‘But Mom! We just narrowed the movie options down to the top 50!'” Yeah. I’ve been there. Giving each other manicures is a perfect activity to do when you can’t think of anything! It’s an easy way to find something to do that’s relatively time-consuming. Plus, people are usually so wrapped up and focused on their nails, that they kind of forget about talking, which lets you off the hook for thinking out random ice breakers on the fly!
  4. It’s any easy accessory for any occasion!: Whether you’re going to a wedding, on a date, to a party, giving a presentation, to a dance, or just to school, nail polish is a great way to get out of layering on heavy jewelry and expensive sunglasses to pull your outfit together. Also, going along with Pro #3, you can even pick a color that matches the rest of your outfit. If you were feeling bold, you could even use a color that didn’t necessarily use a color that matches, but a bright color that gives your outfit some edge and flare! It’s a super easy way to give your outfit a little extra za-zing!
  5. Prevents bad habits!: I have made an observation over the years. Many people will do everything to a.) make sure people notice their manicures and b.) do everything to prevent their manicures to be ruined. If you are one of those people who doesn’t want their manicure to be ruined, listen up! Many people bite their nails or suck on them from stress or fear. Looks and style are obviously important to you if you decide to pass on going in the bouncy house because you’re afraid your nail will get caught in the netting. Combing something you care about with a habit that needs to be broken will help break it! Try wearing the nail polish before a test or a presentation, something that makes you nervous, because you’re less likely to bite your nails if you’re aware of your stunning mani!


  1. Makes a mess!: All of your materials and polishes are scattered all over the floor and you’ve only finished one hand. Oh, no! Text from Mom! “I’ll be home in ten minutes! Love you! XOXO, Mom” UGH!! Yup. We’ve got a classic manicure mishap in our midst, and it ain’t pretty. Lot’s of materials go into creating a marvelous manicure, so it takes a long time to set up and a long time to put away. Not to mention, it’s a pain to put away!
  2. It’s a TIME INVESTMENT!: You should probably add your manicure into your weekly schedule to work everything else around. Plus tack extra time for nail polish remover spills. accidental smudging, Q-tip incident, the works! You’ve got things to do, places to be, and committing to a full manicure is an INVESTMENT!
  3. Chips Ahoy!: Ahh, yes. The art of nail chipping. You didn’t think I wouldn’t add this in, did you? I hate chips. I’ll say it. It turns your marvelous manicure from fab to drab, and it gives a messy look! I get persnickety about my manicures, and if every nail isn’t painted, or any nail is chipped, there is a problem. I don’t think I can ramble on much longer about chips, because me thinking about them too much longer might result in me welling to in tears!(*dramatic:))


All right everyone, that’s it for my post!I had a lot of fun writing! Tell me in the comments below what you thought of the post. Also tell me which style you prefer, a Marvelous Manicure or Flawless Fake’s, and if you want recommend future things you wants me to post about on The Legally Brunette Blog! Thank you sooo much for all the lovely comments you wrote on my last blog, and I’ll be posting very soon!

Remember, this is a community of friendship and trust. If you decide to be apart of this journey on The Legally Brunette Blog, you have to be willing to trust, listen, care, grow, and not be afraid to show your silly side!!

Au Revoir!

-The Legally Brunette

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  1. Halle Piper Snell

    Legally Brunette- You did an amazing job. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to teach us about the very important topic- nails! Personally, I prefer manicures to fake nails, but I’ve never actually tried fake nails. My mom doesn’t actually let me paint my nails-(chemicals, blah-) so your post inspired me to check out fake nails. Now I can finally have a manicure! Thank you so much!!!! I will definitely be on the lookout for your next post…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bloggerguy2303

    legally brunette,
    whilst i do not actually paint my nails myself, i found this post to be very well thought out and i was always interested into seeing what you had to share next! not even to mention that you are absolutely hilarious, relatable, and an ultra-talented writer/blogger!!! cant wait to read the lb’s next post hopefully in the near future???

    Liked by 1 person

  3. thepetitepineapple

    Hi legally brunette, its The Petite Pineapple! I love this post and I also prefer manicures even though fake nails do make you look like a rock star! I love how you made an organized pro and con list! I’m excited for future posts!


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